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salt spring island

Make sure you’ve got snacks and a drink for this one guys, because I took… more photos than I anticipated. We’ve lived on the west coast for like, seven years. Which is a pretty solid chunk of time, right? But in all that time, we’ve never made the trip over to Salt Spring Island. Considering it’s only an hour of travel time, that’s pretty pathetic. So, since we’re moving to the east coast soon enough, we finally got our act…

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life lately + food update

Okay, first thing is first: we recently got a diffuser and my whole house smells so good right now you guys, I just needed to get that out there. It’s distracting and wonderful. I don’t know about you guys, but February snuck up on me so fast. I feel like Christmas was both forever ago and only yesterday. Time is just moving so fast! Before I know it, we’re going to be packing up and leaving this beautiful city where we’ve…

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Life YYJ

weekends are for…

Haaaaappy weekend my dudes! I have been looking forward to this all week. I’ve got a roast simmering away in the slow cooker, good tunes in my ears, and my Stranger Things t-shirt on. All is well. I’m a big fan of weekends. It’s both catch-up and relax time (mostly relax time, lets be real). So far, this weekend has been a great one and I even have another day left to enjoy. Lucky me. Went to our friends last…

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a message from my tiny couch

Hi friends! Happy Tuesday night. It feels like a success that we’ve made it this far this week, doesn’t it? I’m counting it as one, for sure. Class for me started this week, which has so far involved me doing two gruelling ‘introduce yourself’ assignments. Just kidding. About the gruelling part. I’m sure you got that. Anyways. We’re off to a pretty good start to the week, and I’m thinking that’s going to carry on. I went to the gym yesterday…

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back to school

Hallaaaaaa my dudes and happy Sunday night. I can’t believe the weekend is already over – I hardly knew ye. But I did get some quality sleeping in done, so I count it as a victory. But anyways, here we go into another week. My classes start tomorrow and I’ve got to admit, I’m actually really nervous to start them. It’s been awhile since I’ve done classes now and I’m nervous about juggling class work and regular work again. But…

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Food Heart

thoughts on food

I have been thinking a lot about food. I mean, what else is new really, but with a more critical and determined eye than usual. Normally its just like ‘hell yeah, lets eat it’. I’ve been trying to be consistent in watching what I eat and choosing my food carefully. And then, you know, the holidays happened and all of that went out the window. Which isn’t really an excuse but I’m not going to drag myself over it, so.…

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twenty seventeen

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had the very merriest of holiday seasons and enjoyed it all – the good and the bad. I gotta say, I’m happy to see the back of 2016. I’m not super into new years resolutions because I feel like if you’re going to make a positive change you should just do it when you’re actually ready and hopefully then it’ll actually stick. However! I am into the renewed sense of purpose that…

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Food Restaurants

cold remedy: chorizo and christmas trees

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten this many colds in a year, but here I am again, wrapped in 10,000 blankets and listening to Sound of Silence on repeat. That cold life guys… is not lit. But I dragged my sorry self out of the house with ye olde husband to mail some christmas presents and we figured we might as well make an afternoon out of it since we waited in line at Canada Post for about 3 days. Hell yeah,…

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winter wonderland

IT SNOWED! It snooooowed! I am so excited you guys its not even funny. It finally feels like Christmas! And, because I am lucky enough to have a terrific job and a super cool boss who also loves Christmas and snow, we spent the morning listening to Christmas music and enjoying the winter wonderland that was campus. Everything was so quiet and still. It’s one of those moments where all you can do is breathe out a ‘wow’. The cold…

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Life Style

looks like it’s actually december?

Well, well, well. What do we have here? Cold weather in the winter? Snow? How dare you, season where these things are traditionally expected. Okay so to be fair, getting snow on the island is a bit of a rare sight. And get this – we’re due for a significant amount later this week. Enough that there are talks of… A SNOW DAY. I mean, I’m not trying to get my hopes up that I don’t have to work tomorrow, but if…

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