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when you love all the food and end up with all the allergies

[cue loud sad trombone sound]

Actually, it’s not that sad. I mean, I was a little sad but I’m kind of choosing to see it as ‘wow, science is so cool and told me to stop being an asshole to my body!’. Glass half full right? So buckle up, cause this is a bit of a long post.

So I’ve been spending a fair amount of time with various doctors lately, getting poked and prodded and tested. In their defence, I did ask for it. Why, thou might ask?

Because I haven’t been feeling… right. Something has been weird for like, a few years and has just progressively been getting worse. My tummy was always upset, my sleep was crap, it was headache city, I had the foggiest of all the brains and couldn’t focus to save my life. I was achy all the time, and my joints hurt.

All at the ripe old age of 25. Tender af. Too weird to live, too young to die style.

I actually ended up on the doorstep of a Naturopath, funnily enough. I’m not much of a hippy-dippy ‘rub a crystal on me and fix my problems’ kind of gal. But I had heard some amazing success stories that had come from a holistic approach to healing, and I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a whirl.

[Sidebar: I’d like to make it very clear that I have the utmost respect for MDs and nurses who work so hard with not as many resources as they need and sometimes this leads to things slipping between the cracks due to much bigger health issues with other patients!]

Consider me properly sheepish, cause my mind was blown. I know in the past I’ve blogged about how I think a whole foods (minimally processed foods, no refined sugars etc) approach is the right way to go, and I stand by that. I stand by it even harder now. However, I’m not perfect and made excuses all the time about why I should eat all the goodies that I knew weren’t really that good for me.

My naturopath ran a really broad spectrum tests (why I thought they didn’t use legitimate science is beyond me) and we’re hoping we’ve uncovered why I’ve been feeling so unwell. Allergies. Not like, I’ve been stung by a bee and am going to die style, but ‘hey delaney, it’s your body here with another headache and stomach ache – please for the love of God stop feeding me things that mess me up hard even though other people can eat them‘ style.

Often, GPs only test for certain things – low iron levels, gliadin levels to see if you’re celiac, thyroid, and the usual when you rock up with symptoms like mine. I was showing all the symptoms of low iron and a messed up thyroid even though both were fine. So what the hell was going on?

What we discovered was both enlightening and alarming – the symptoms I’ve been experiencing for the last… few years? are rooted in a much larger problem. My stomach and digestive enzymes have been stressed for so long due to the ingestion of foods I’m allergic and intolerant to that they’re chronically weakened and no longer able to digest and absorb nutrients properly. This has led to chronic joint and liver inflammation as well.


She essentially put it this way: every single thing you put into your body becomes part of you. It doesn’t just go in and out with nothing happening – it’s used to feed and create cells and blood and skin and all the other stuff you need to live. So of course your entire body is impacted if you’re eating things that are hurting your body. It was a bit of a ‘oh, duh’ moment for me, but whatever.

Realistically, there are a lot of things that evolutionarily our bodies are not designed to digest for nutrients – heavily processed foods (kraft singles anyone?), refined sugars (I’m looking at you, Coca-Cola), dwarf wheat, GMOs, and milk from other animals, to just name a few. It doesn’t mean we can’t – but maybe it means we shouldn’t be if so many of us end up with whacky and nasty health issues from it. I’m not an expert guys, and I’m pretty far from a scientist. So if this makes sense to me, maybe there’s really something to it.

I’m (obviously) going to be eliminating the foods that I’m allergic to from my diet and will see if my symptoms improve and let you know – if not, there’s obviously something else happening, but I’m hoping this could be the start of a very happy body for me. Fingers crossed! What do you think?

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