halloween starts like, yesterday

Hi everyone! Guess what, I’ve had things to do because I have a job now which is excellent. Purpose! A good job! Where I’ve made friends! And they’re all lovely! Exciting!

I’m currently sitting on my yoga mat, which is about as romantic as it sounds. But you can take it as a good sign that I’ve stuck with my yoga. I think I’m on day 8 or 9? I’m feeling really good about it and it’s been a great way to practice letting go of expectations for myself and trust that I’ll grow better as I keep up with it. Which, you know, is like a metaphor for life too. Poetic.

Curtis is yelling at the TV right now, despite my continued efforts to get him to not by making the Ross from Friends ‘keep it down’ face and hands. No one listens to me in this house. Other than that, I’m 96% I’m coming down with my first cold. I’m kind of okay with it because I’m going to take it as a sign that fall is officially here and that it’s fine for me to now drink out of my halloween mug exclusively until like, January at least. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

This is sort of a rambling post, with not much of a point. But who caaaaaaares! So I’m going to post a song I’ve been really into at the bottom so you actually get something out of it. Okay love you bye!

Big Black Car, Gregory Alan Isakov

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