50 days of yoga

Hi friends, it’s me, your super lazy buddy. You’ll notice this post is called 50 days of yoga, so I’m hoping you’ve sort of got an idea of what it’s about.

I enjoy exercising. For real, I know it sounds fake, but I actually do. It just has to be something I like. I enjoy lifting and pretty much hate all kinds of cardio that aren’t me dancing to good songs. But I haven’t been feeling like doing any of it lately, so I’m trying to find something gentle, restorative, and healing that I can commit to that’s going to make me feel good. Hence, 50 days of yoga.

My goal – and yeah, I’m stating this publicly so that I can’t back out of it – is to practice yoga every day for 50 days, and then hopefully build a habit and just continue on. I’ve done day one already and it feels good to stretch and move around it. I’ll post about it here intermittently, but no one really wants to read a daily ‘yeah, did it’ post, so I’d recommend following along on instagram and checking my stories if you’re keen.

Also, if anyone wants to do this with me, more the merrier! Wish me luck. Namaaaaaasteeeeeeeeeee.

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