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perks of the scary moments

I feel like me and all my friends are collectively going ‘what are we doing with our lives?’ partially because there are so many options and partially because we’re wondering if we should bother since like, the world is ending? Maybe we should just coast until we head off to the next life? Who knows.

But in these weird moments of absolute blinding panic, you really do see the best of the people around you. And really, in all the weird choices you make in your fear addled ‘I SHOULD BE SUCCESSFUL AND WELL OFF BY 25 RIGHT?’ state, you find people who are standing just above you with their hands reaching down to help you up.

Even better, within yourself, you find this super weird courage to speak honestly. At least, I did, which I’m really grateful for. The ability to stand up and go ‘guys, I really fucked up’ or ‘okay yeah, made a huge mistake’ or perhaps the most challenging of all, ‘hey, I’m having a hard time and I’m reaching out for help’. Have you noticed that at all? That there’s this weird sort of ‘who cares lets just go for it’ bravery that comes out of nowhere when you feel like you’ve got no idea what you’re doing? I don’t know. It’s cool.

So just in case you’re also in this spot, you should know you’re in good company. Some of the most badass, inspiring people I know are feeling this way and if those guys are then we’re okay, cause they kick serious ass and are doing just fine. IT’S ALL GOING TO BE OKAY GUYS ALRIGHT WE CAN FIX IT ALL OKAY?

Okay. Be brave!

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