one year.

There are a million quotes I could choose to commemorate our first anniversary of marrying each other. They’d probably have something to do with marrying my best friend, or lobsters, or how of all the people on earth I’m glad you chose me. And in a sense, they’d all be true.

But they aren’t enough. No quote I pull off of Pinterest will capture you because there’s too much of you to ever sum up in a sentence. There aren’t quotes about how you let me put my toes under your leg when they’re cold even though you hate it, or about the way you get a little wrinkle in your eyebrows when you’re thinking really hard. There aren’t any quotes I could slap up about how endlessly patient and loving you are with me when all I want to do is pick a fight because I’ve had a terrible day or how you never half-ass a hug. There aren’t quotes about how you never fail to tell me I look nice just because you want me to know or about how when I told you how much it meant to me that we both shared our last names that you took the time to put yourself in my shoes and understand. There’s so much of you in the way you hold my hand after almost 8 years together that I could never capture in words. These tiny things like the way you get all out of sorts when I mess with your hair, or how good you’ve gotten at chopping up tomatoes. There’s nothing that could ever capture how after this long, every day with you is still magic.

If there were words enough in this great universe to tell you how much I love you, I would use them, but there aren’t so this will have to do.  Happy anniversary to the greatest person in the world. I love you.

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