mood: 80s pop playing while I lay dead in the woods

Sometimes I miss Jackie Chan. Like, I know he hasn’t gone anywhere, but I miss him and I hope he’s having a good day. I’m also waiting for thai food right now. I guess hunger makes me introspective.

Our first anniversary is coming up – can you believe its been a YEAR since we got married? That’s insane. It feels like no time at all yet somehow longer (in the best way). We’re going full fancy for dinner, except not all the way fancy because we (me) are both too scared to order the tasting menu at the restaurant we chose. Don’t panic guys, I’ll make sure to take pictures of my food. Also, I’ll do an anniversary post FUTURE DELANEY PAY ATTENTION TO THIS.

This isn’t really a post about anything, I just wanted to blog. I’m pretty proud of myself for how much I’ve been posting, which naturally will jinx my streak and all my moderate effort will be undone. Hm, other news… I’ve been frequenting the library probably too much. I’m getting a hair cut tomorrow so I can stop looking like one of the young Medici boys.

I’ll let you know how it goes. I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday.

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