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tiny home tour!

The satisfaction of finally have a couch and no longer having to sit on a stool knows no bounds, you guys. I am pleeeeeased.

And, because you guys are cute and nice and have actually requested some pictures, I figured I’d post like a mini house tour sort of thing with a few shots of what we’ve done with the place. It’s not quite done – more pictures will go up on the wall and you know, a few things will change here and there. But we officially have the fundamentals and THANK GOD BECAUSE I NEVER WANT TO PUT FURNITURE TOGETHER EVER AGAIN. And I can guarantee you that Curtis doesn’t want to put furniture together with me ever again, either.

We got a table that sort of doubles as a desk for Curtis’ school/work needs. It’s got four little stools, which works perfect because we can tuck them under to save space when we aren’t using them. Very useful in an itty bitty living space.

Both a pro and con of living in a small apartment is learning that everything has a place. And to keep things livable and enjoyable and lovely, everything must be returned to it’s place once it’s done being used. This doesn’t come by me naturally, but I’m getting the hang of it.

The TV stand turned out to be one of the wisest pieces of furniture we bought. We made sure it had a ton of storage in it and we’re super happy with how it turned out. Thanks IKEA.

Using every space is sort of essential, so having a ladder shelf that doubles as a bookcase and cookware storage is working really well for us. We’ve got our less used pots and pans in a cabinet above the fridge, but kept these ones accessible since you need a step ladder to get the other ones out. Also, one of my favourite blankets in the world and my folio collection. Makes it feel like home!

I got these cute shelves from Urban Outfitters for ten bucks a piece and they work perfectly for holding cameras and albums while also keeping them out of the way. Bless you, wall storage. Bless.

Last but not least, the bed. Again, we opted for a bed with a ton of storage underneath of it (MALM from IKEA, look it up). Took us nearly all day to put it together but it was worth it.

So that’s our tiny house so far! I’ll make sure to share more (better) photos when I’ve got them and when we’ve really had the chance to settle.


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    Shirley Martin
    August 11, 2017 at 7:47 am

    This looks so cute and cozy, and I am sure it will be a great home for you. As you say everything has it’s place, and at least you will know where to find it when needed.
    Enjoy and have fun in your new home.
    love Gramma

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