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the old rice paradox

The ‘Old Rice Paradox’ is something Curtis and I have recently discovered. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of it, because we literally just made it up today. Scientific papers will be forthcoming.

The name comes from one of my favourite people in the whole world, my father in law. He one day mused, quietly as he does, that we always make rice in big batches so that we always have leftovers, yet this means that we’re constantly eating old rice. That, and the dog usually gets the freshest rice because she’s the queen, so we all just accept that.

Okay, getting back to what this actually means and what this post is about: Curtis and I are going carless because we figure we’ve got good legs, we’re young, cars are eating our planet alive so who needs ’em am I right?

Right. Also small snag. Itty bitty. A mere matter of problem solving. How does one efficiently grocery shop without a) going every single day or every other day or b) breaking your measly human body into multiple sad pieces by hauling ungodly amounts of food all the way back to your house?

Thus, we have the Old Rice Paradox: do we buy more and shop less frequently, resulting in us getting to be a bit lazier but have less fresh food OR do we just accept our new and constant state of perpetual sweatiness as we lug groceries all around Halifax? Thoughts?

I suggested we get one of those trolleys you always see old ladies tugging around. Curtis suggested we just use a suitcase. We vetoed each other.

Any other city dwellers sans vehicle that have grocery shopping efficiency tips?

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