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we have arrived

The time has come guys! After well over a year of planning and dreaming and wishing and more planning, we are officially Haligonians. And daaaaaaaaaang does it feel good! It’s day three and this is the first day we’ve had any real ‘down’ time, which isn’t saying much because we haven’t really relaxed at all today. BUT that being said, it’s all the best kind of busy and tired because we’ve been exploring and hustling around the city getting acquainted with our new favourite shops and sights. Setting up a house on foot and without a car is sweaty work in July, guys, let me tell you.

I’m so excited to share all of these amazing new things with you guys! This weekend was the Tall Ship Festival, which was incredible, and I’ll share some photos of that really soon. So far we’re just waiting for our furniture to arrive, which means we’ve been enjoying a lot of our meals while sitting on bunch up towels on the floor. Who says romance is dead? We know what’s up. Once the house is set up a bit more, I can do a home tour/share some design inspiration for tiny apartments? If that’s something you guys are into? Let me know! It won’t be like, hours long since our apartment is about… one room. Maybe one and a half. Tiny but wonderful.

You know, like me.

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