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salt spring island

Make sure you’ve got snacks and a drink for this one guys, because I took… more photos than I anticipated.

We’ve lived on the west coast for like, seven years. Which is a pretty solid chunk of time, right? But in all that time, we’ve never made the trip over to Salt Spring Island. Considering it’s only an hour of travel time, that’s pretty pathetic. So, since we’re moving to the east coast soon enough, we finally got our act together and went.

Sure, it may be low season, and yeah, we missed the big market that everyone goes for. But we made the most of it anyways. We even lucked out and got some sunshine!

We got up early to make the most of the day and got to watch the sun rise over the pacific.

By the time we docked, the sun was just starting to warm the air and turn everything gold.

So… I’m going to level with you. I get why people go to Salt Spring in the summer, when there are markets and booths and things to do because we struggled to fill the morning a little. Not in a bad way, but it’s pretty quiet during the winter. So we wandered and wandered before eventually settling in for lunch with bigger plans for the afternoon.

First stop after lunch was Salt Spring Cheese farm. Because who doesn’t want cheese immediately following lunch, right? Right.

It was way into the woods and the parking lot was ‘park your car between whichever two trees you like’ style.

So aside from the fact that this is the birthplace of delicious cheese, it’s also really cool because it’s not just a cheese factory but an active farm where you’re encouraged to wander around and see the animals and peek your head through windows to watch all the cheese makers work. It’s a sort of commercial transparency that you just don’t see anymore, and it was really cool to meet the makers as it were.

Something that made me really happy was seeing all of the chickens – they had a ton of space to run around and scratch at the dirt to their hearts content. They were all roaming around, kicking their little legs out and kicking the dirt around and making happy little sounds. That’s how it should be, don’t you think? Big happy chickens just doing their thing.

You walk in and here’s the best part: literally just plates of cheese for  you to try. LOOKS LIKE WE’RE MOVING IN.

Too busy eating cheese to take photos of it, but we picked up some to take home along with this tasty turmeric elixir. Maaaaagic.

After cheese, it was time for beer. Just as God intended.

Neither of us are beer connoisseurs, but the Dry Porter was taaaasty. It was fun to stop in for a flight and see where everything is made!

After a busy afternoon, we were both content to settle in at a coffeeshop for the rest of the afternoon and read our books before dinner. By the time we got back to our AirBnB, we were all tuckered out and ready for bed.

Speaking of where we stayed, it was so wonderful. We booked a little bed and breakfast called Cedar House on the Hill, and it’s owned by probably the cutest, nicest, oldest German couple you’ve ever seen in your life. We’re a little obsessed with them.

When we woke up, Rita and Manfred came bustling in with plates of food and a pot of coffee, insisting they don’t like leftovers so to make sure we really enjoy our breakfast. And oh my god, did we ever. So good.

See those omelettes rolled up on that plate? Filled with mushrooms and somehow made of the fluffiest but firmest eggs you’ve ever had. Physically I don’t understand how she made them. So good.

It was the perfect little getaway we needed. It’s a little island of quiet where you can go and spend hours reading and not think about anything else, where there is so little light that the stars seem close enough to touch. It was wonderful and I’m very thankful we went.





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