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life lately + food update

Okay, first thing is first: we recently got a diffuser and my whole house smells so good right now you guys, I just needed to get that out there. It’s distracting and wonderful.

I don’t know about you guys, but February snuck up on me so fast. I feel like Christmas was both forever ago and only yesterday. Time is just moving so fast! Before I know it, we’re going to be packing up and leaving this beautiful city where we’ve built a life to strike out and try something new. It’s so exciting and scary and wonderful.

I’ve been doing my internship for the last few months and have two months to go. It’s been such an amazing experience, and my boss is just… like, the coolest lady. I’ve been learning so much and I’m just so grateful. There’s a little anxiety that comes along with it, of course, like always when you really care about something. I think I tend to over exaggerate my silliness or humour when I really care about something so that maybe it won’t hurt as much if it doesn’t work out? I’m sort of thinking about loud here. Not that I think things aren’t working (I’d hope they’d say something if that was the case), but you know how it is: you get in your own head and then overthink things for like, 18 hours. I think I’m just a sensitive person and pick up on ~vibes~ even if they aren’t really there, you dig? You dig.

I’ve also been doing school, which is neat and oh my god did I ever forget how much I hate doing bibliographies.

But life, as always and for everyone, has been busy. But it’s good busy full of wonderful things and people, so I’ve got nothing but gratitude for it.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen a few of these pictures, but they’re just some of my favourites from the last few weeks. I got to puppysit my favourite Buster while our wonderful friends were away. We always feel so lucky that we get to be the ones to take care of such a wonderful little critter – I could literally talk for hours about how much I love this dog, so I’ll stop here.

I also got to spend the evening with some girls I love so much I could throw up. You know when you have those friends that you’re just kind of obsessed with? Yeah, that’s the situation. And when you’re all together it’s just so much fun and you kind of want to like crush them in your arms because you just can’t handle how much you love them. It was Sara’s birthday, so we all went out for dinner and showered her in all the love and affection she so massively deserves.

Someone should probably paint this. I’m thinking a fresco, church ceiling sort of deal.

Annnnyways, last up: all the foooooood! I’m going to do a more comprehensive post about this at some point, but I’m very pleased to say that eating is going super well for me. It’s been so fun learning all sorts of new and amazing things to eat that make me feel great and keep my mind in top form. I definitely wouldn’t be doing so well if it wasn’t for the support of my 10/10 husband and my true love Kiki. Also, if you guys don’t follow Shut the Kale Up on instagram, you’re missing out. She’s totally my Obi Wan.

love you crazy monkeys x

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