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a message from my tiny couch

Hi friends! Happy Tuesday night. It feels like a success that we’ve made it this far this week, doesn’t it? I’m counting it as one, for sure. Class for me started this week, which has so far involved me doing two gruelling ‘introduce yourself’ assignments. Just kidding. About the gruelling part.

I’m sure you got that. Anyways.

We’re off to a pretty good start to the week, and I’m thinking that’s going to carry on. I went to the gym yesterday after a few weeks off and haaaaaa, who needs to walk? Not me. But honestly, I’m really loving it because 1. my trainer makes me feel like I’m actually accomplishing something instead of just looking dejectedly at free weights, sighing, and sort of moving around a little for an hour and 2. mostly number one.

ALSO! Remember how I was like hey, I’m developing some new eating habits! Well it’s going well, and I’m pretty happy about it. But I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to tell you guys about something I’m loving big time right now – and that’s podcasts! Well, one podcast in particular: The Paleo Women Podcast!

Now before you’re all like ‘paleo blah blah who cares’ hear me out: this podcast is so much more than two people just being like ‘yeah veggies and meat and cavemen haha’. I promise. These two gals are really wonderful – I feel like I’ve made two best friends. They are hardcore champions of body positivity and kindness towards your body and yourself – in whatever way that works for you. If pasta makes your body feel great, they say go for it. If eating strictly paleo makes your body feel great, they say do it. They’re all about nourishing your body and your mind and your spirit and so freaking supportive I love them so much. I could go on and on. Give them a listen if you want!

I also acquired this amazing sweater with my #1 gal, so we’re matching and supporting babes all at once. What could be better?

What else? My husband is still the best person that has ever walked planet earth. So not too much new in that department.

Oh, one more thing! A friend messaged me on Facebook letting me know she bought Rupi Kaur’s book ‘Milk & Honey’ cause she saw it here on the blog and is loving it and it made me so happy that I got to share that! So many important and amazing messages in that little book and she’s such a badass cool lady so I’m glad I played a small part in getting those two things together.

This is turning long and rambling post, but I have #noragrets as I sit here listening to good tunes in my star wars jimjams. Love you guysssssss good night!

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