back to school

Hallaaaaaa my dudes and happy Sunday night. I can’t believe the weekend is already over – I hardly knew ye. But I did get some quality sleeping in done, so I count it as a victory.

But anyways, here we go into another week. My classes start tomorrow and I’ve got to admit, I’m actually really nervous to start them. It’s been awhile since I’ve done classes now and I’m nervous about juggling class work and regular work again. But hey, I did it once right? Right.

Right right right right right.

I’m going to put all my assignments and readings into my little calendar (Happiness Planner app, go check it out) so that I feel a little more ahead of the game and I think that’ll help a lot.

So, my veggies are roasted for lunches for the week (yeah, that food thing is going pretty well guys I have to say) and I’m chilling on the couch, star wars jammies on, enjoying a big old mug of tea before bed.

Get out there and let’s kick some serious ass this week guys. I’m going to put up a post later about good week day meals in line with some health goals and stuff! Love yaaaaa.

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