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twenty seventeen

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had the very merriest of holiday seasons and enjoyed it all – the good and the bad.

I gotta say, I’m happy to see the back of 2016. I’m not super into new years resolutions because I feel like if you’re going to make a positive change you should just do it when you’re actually ready and hopefully then it’ll actually stick. However! I am into the renewed sense of purpose that often finds us at this time, and how everyone seems to take a deep breath and say ‘okay, I’m ready to start over’.

2017 is a year of big things for us around here, and I’m going to go charging into it with purpose – my intent is to share as much as I can here on the blog, focus more on family and happiness and health, and hope that you guys enjoy it with me. We’ve got a big move coming up, setting up a home in a new city on the other side of the country, and chasing some more dreams.

I’m so grateful for everything that’s come and gone and everything yet to come – I can’t wait for all the wonderful things coming our way!


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