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cold remedy: chorizo and christmas trees

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten this many colds in a year, but here I am again, wrapped in 10,000 blankets and listening to Sound of Silence on repeat. That cold life guys… is not lit.

But I dragged my sorry self out of the house with ye olde husband to mail some christmas presents and we figured we might as well make an afternoon out of it since we waited in line at Canada Post for about 3 days.

Hell yeah, we’re talking a lunch date. Less romantic than you’re imagining because my one eye won’t stop watering and I’m basically a walking sneeze. But it still counts.

The weather couldn’t decide between heavy rain and breaks of sunshine, but we braved it anyways. And it was worth it because… Chorizo & Co.

Oh yeah. That’s a chorizo bocadillo. Fresssssh.

Chorizo & Co. is the loveliest little hole-in-the-wall place you’ve ever seen. I probably think about how much I wish I was always there like, twice a day.

If you haven’t been, you GOTTA GO. It’s so good you guys, it’s not even funny. But to get the bocadillos you have to go during the day, because they turn into a tapas bar in the evenings, which I’m sure is also good.

Stubbornly pretending I wasn’t dying a thousand deaths from nasal congestion, I dragged Curtis down to the Empress Hotel to check out the ‘Festival of Trees’, thinking a little holiday cheer would brighten my mood. And it did… kind of. There were like, 5 trees. But still, it counts.

This was my personal favourite. Also, as you can see by my outfit, I’ve taken to dressing like a Norwegian boy (thanks skam) and I have absolutely zero regrets. Jeg er glad.

The sun poked it’s head out just long enough to get a dose of vitamin d before I crawl back into my dragon’s hoard of kleenex. So cute.

Hope you guys are happy and healthy and if not, we can be sniffly together.

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