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hunger makes me a modern girl

You know, sometimes you’ve just got to say forget it and decide that you’re going to give yourself a little bit of a self care day. Also, sometimes you’ve got to tell yourself to get your shit together and get your head in the game so you can actually enjoy the self care day. I blame Mercury and the solar eclipse. So, instead of being a sad sack all day long I decided to end my sad sackiness after just an hour…

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HFX Home Style

tiny home tour!

The satisfaction of finally have a couch and no longer having to sit on a stool knows no bounds, you guys. I am pleeeeeased. And, because you guys are cute and nice and have actually requested some pictures, I figured I’d post like a mini house tour sort of thing with a few shots of what we’ve done with the place. It’s not quite done – more pictures will go up on the wall and you know, a few things…

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Food Health HFX Life

the old rice paradox

The ‘Old Rice Paradox’ is something Curtis and I have recently discovered. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of it, because we literally just made it up today. Scientific papers will be forthcoming. The name comes from one of my favourite people in the whole world, my father in law. He one day mused, quietly as he does, that we always make rice in big batches so that we always have leftovers, yet this means that we’re constantly eating old…

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HFX Home Life

we have arrived

The time has come guys! After well over a year of planning and dreaming and wishing and more planning, we are officially Haligonians. And daaaaaaaaaang does it feel good! It’s day three and this is the first day we’ve had any real ‘down’ time, which isn’t saying much because we haven’t really relaxed at all today. BUT that being said, it’s all the best kind of busy and tired because we’ve been exploring and hustling around the city getting acquainted…

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notes to the west coast

dear west coast of Canada, our time together is almost at an end. we’ve only got a few more days left, but i wanted to say thank you and write some little letters about all of my favourite things you’ve given us. dear beaches. thank you for all the time you gave me to sit with friends on sandy logs on cold winter mornings. thank you also for all of the dogs that i got to pet while visiting you…

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Life YYJ

weekends are for…

Haaaaappy weekend my dudes! I have been looking forward to this all week. I’ve got a roast simmering away in the slow cooker, good tunes in my ears, and my Stranger Things t-shirt on. All is well. I’m a big fan of weekends. It’s both catch-up and relax time (mostly relax time, lets be real). So far, this weekend has been a great one and I even have another day left to enjoy. Lucky me. Went to our friends last…

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Life Style Travel YYJ

winter wonderland

IT SNOWED! It snooooowed! I am so excited you guys its not even funny. It finally feels like Christmas! And, because I am lucky enough to have a terrific job and a super cool boss who also loves Christmas and snow, we spent the morning listening to Christmas music and enjoying the winter wonderland that was campus. Everything was so quiet and still. It’s one of those moments where all you can do is breathe out a ‘wow’. The cold…

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Heart Life YYJ

stormy mornings are for…

I feel extra lucky and thankful today that I have mornings where I can get up slowly (wrestling the night guard out of my mouth not withstanding), enjoy some quiet moments, and spend time on a beach watching clouds roll in while I enjoy my coffee. I feel grateful today that I was afforded peace because of the courage of others. That I get to sit here, enjoying a day off and my biggest worry at this exact moment is…

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Heart Life YYJ

winds of change

Whew, what a whirlwind couple of weeks guys – and a couple more coming up. I don’t know if this has ever happened to you, but not long ago I was laying in our bed praying and praying and praying. I kept saying ‘I’m ready, I’m ready for something new. I’m ready for my next step. Lay it on me.’ And then something came up that I thought might be what I was waiting for, but there was a little…

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