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notes to the west coast

dear west coast of Canada, our time together is almost at an end. we’ve only got a few more days left, but i wanted to say thank you and write some little letters about all of my favourite things you’ve given us. dear beaches. thank you for all the time you gave me to sit with friends on sandy logs on cold winter mornings. thank you also for all of the dogs that i got to pet while visiting you…

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20 days

I wish you guys could see how slowly I’m typing this out because blogging with a limp noodle hand is comical. Prime example of why no one should trust me near heavy machinery. WE LEAVE IN 20 DAYS! To what feels like the whole other side of the world and we couldn’t be more excited. Literally every day we’re planning and picking things out and curating our new home. The Okanagan has been treating us so well, and even though…

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when you go to the mainland

I think for probably the first time in like, 7 years I went to Vancouver and it didn’t rain. Just let that sink in for a minute. I was in Vancouver and it wasn’t raining. Not even a little. I was straight BLESSED UP. I went to visit a few of my favourite ladies before the husband and I leave this glorious west coast for good. It’s always nice to have an experienced Vancouverite in your back pocket to help…

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salt spring island

Make sure you’ve got snacks and a drink for this one guys, because I took… more photos than I anticipated. We’ve lived on the west coast for like, seven years. Which is a pretty solid chunk of time, right? But in all that time, we’ve never made the trip over to Salt Spring Island. Considering it’s only an hour of travel time, that’s pretty pathetic. So, since we’re moving to the east coast soon enough, we finally got our act…

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winter wonderland

IT SNOWED! It snooooowed! I am so excited you guys its not even funny. It finally feels like Christmas! And, because I am lucky enough to have a terrific job and a super cool boss who also loves Christmas and snow, we spent the morning listening to Christmas music and enjoying the winter wonderland that was campus. Everything was so quiet and still. It’s one of those moments where all you can do is breathe out a ‘wow’. The cold…

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Honeymoon: peak express

I’m so excited to share more pictures from our Whistler trip! There are a lot of photos, so make sure you’ve got a cup of something tasty and comfortable pants on. After our initial rainy day in Whistler, the sun decided to give us the loveliest weather – sunny but with a cool, crisp autumn breeze. The kind that makes you dress in your favourite sweater and smile all day long. PS: ALL MY PHOTOS HAVE TURNED SIDEWAYS IN OLD…

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honeymoon: road trip + whistler

Well, it’s official guys: we are married! Like, for realsies 100% legally binding stylez. EXCITING. I’ve been dying to share some photos of our honeymoon and I’ll share photos of the wedding later. Big ups to Nita Lake Lodge for making this the best honeymoon ever. Hot tip: give yourself at least a day between your wedding and your honeymoon to collect yourself. You’re going to literally fall asleep during breakfast the next morning because you’ll be so tired (true…

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on this episode of lake hunters

PREVIOUSLY ON LAKE HUNTERS: (there was no previously, I just wanted to follow through with the concept. But next time there will be a previously. Obviously. Anyways.) We went to a lake. Yeah a lake on an island, which for some reason throws people off, but a real actual lake, of which there are many. It took a little searching and a little walking and a little following of a path alarmingly titled ‘shock treatment’, but we made it and…

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road trip

These two cowpokes set out for the wilds (anywhere that’s not on our island, so scary ooo) last week to do a little visiting and with best intentions of getting some wedding stuff done (spoilers: we didn’t). We hopped on a ferry, determined to catch some sunshine while we had it, and set out. For some reason unknown to us, the drive felt like it took roughly 10,000 years but we eventually made it. We rolled up on the Okanagan…

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