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tiny home tour!

The satisfaction of finally have a couch and no longer having to sit on a stool knows no bounds, you guys. I am pleeeeeased. And, because you guys are cute and nice and have actually requested some pictures, I figured I’d post like a mini house tour sort of thing with a few shots of what we’ve done with the place. It’s not quite done – more pictures will go up on the wall and you know, a few things…

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when you go to the mainland

I think for probably the first time in like, 7 years I went to Vancouver and it didn’t rain. Just let that sink in for a minute. I was in Vancouver and it wasn’t raining. Not even a little. I was straight BLESSED UP. I went to visit a few of my favourite ladies before the husband and I leave this glorious west coast for good. It’s always nice to have an experienced Vancouverite in your back pocket to help…

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a message from my tiny couch

Hi friends! Happy Tuesday night. It feels like a success that we’ve made it this far this week, doesn’t it? I’m counting it as one, for sure. Class for me started this week, which has so far involved me doing two gruelling ‘introduce yourself’ assignments. Just kidding. About the gruelling part. I’m sure you got that. Anyways. We’re off to a pretty good start to the week, and I’m thinking that’s going to carry on. I went to the gym yesterday…

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winter wonderland

IT SNOWED! It snooooowed! I am so excited you guys its not even funny. It finally feels like Christmas! And, because I am lucky enough to have a terrific job and a super cool boss who also loves Christmas and snow, we spent the morning listening to Christmas music and enjoying the winter wonderland that was campus. Everything was so quiet and still. It’s one of those moments where all you can do is breathe out a ‘wow’. The cold…

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looks like it’s actually december?

Well, well, well. What do we have here? Cold weather in the winter? Snow? How dare you, season where these things are traditionally expected. Okay so to be fair, getting snow on the island is a bit of a rare sight. And get this – we’re due for a significant amount later this week. Enough that there are talks of… A SNOW DAY. I mean, I’m not trying to get my hopes up that I don’t have to work tomorrow, but if…

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the storm that never was

So the storm of the decade was not the storm of the anything. It was like, a regular old wind storm. So a little less excitement than we all braced for, but it did make for some good waves watching. We kind of got the best of both worlds yesterday – it was rainy and windy enough to cozy up with a good cup of coffee in your favourite coffee shop, and when the sun poked out just a bit,…

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Honeymoon: peak express

I’m so excited to share more pictures from our Whistler trip! There are a lot of photos, so make sure you’ve got a cup of something tasty and comfortable pants on. After our initial rainy day in Whistler, the sun decided to give us the loveliest weather – sunny but with a cool, crisp autumn breeze. The kind that makes you dress in your favourite sweater and smile all day long. PS: ALL MY PHOTOS HAVE TURNED SIDEWAYS IN OLD…

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favourite place: hide & seek coffee

Guys, I found the most perfect place ever. I’d basically like to move in ASAP. I knew it was true love when I walked in and they were playing my all time faves The New Pornographers Challengers. Feel free to turn this on and continue reading: Myriad Harbour – TNP The place is floor to ceiling with beautiful whitewashed walls, light hardwood, plants everywhere and energetic but softly coloured prints. Does it get more perfect? It does not. We were…

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road trip

These two cowpokes set out for the wilds (anywhere that’s not on our island, so scary ooo) last week to do a little visiting and with best intentions of getting some wedding stuff done (spoilers: we didn’t). We hopped on a ferry, determined to catch some sunshine while we had it, and set out. For some reason unknown to us, the drive felt like it took roughly 10,000 years but we eventually made it. We rolled up on the Okanagan…

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Sidney by the Sea

It’s been a busy few weeks (months) around ye ol’ homestead, so we decided we were just gonna make a day for us. A day date, if you will. Yeah, we’re those people now. Not sorry. We started the day off by planting some tomatoes in our pajamas. Officially my favourite early morning task and if my house wouldn’t turn into a tomato jungle, I’d do it every morning. After scrubbing dirt from hands and putting on our human disguises,…

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