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Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes guys things just get so overwhelming. Like, you just can’t keep it in any longer because things have just piled up endlessly and all it takes is one comment or one stupid thing to break you down and all of a sudden you’re calling your mom crying and drinking an entire bottle of chocolate milk to yourself because reasons. Sometimes you just feel like you’re trying so damn hard, and maybe you’ve got a lot on your…

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on this episode of lake hunters


PREVIOUSLY ON LAKE HUNTERS: (there was no previously, I just wanted to follow through with the concept. But next time there will be a previously. Obviously. Anyways.) We went to a lake. Yeah a lake on an island, which for some reason throws people off, but a real actual lake, of which there are many. It took a little searching and a little walking and a little following of a path alarmingly titled ‘shock treatment’, but we made it and…

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wedding thoughts: SIGNS (and not the alien movie kind)


Guys, I was SO productive this morning that I’m giving myself a fairly undeserved pat on the back. I’m by no stretch of the imagination an ~artiste~ but I’m pretty proud that I can write somewhat legibly. I spent the morning working on some of our little signs for the wedding and this is the excitement I’ve been waiting for – crafty stuuuuuff! As all mornings should, it commenced with the darkest of coffees and homemade pancakes. Wouldn’t have been…

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impromptu date night


Hello ragtime gals (and other folk), and lets welcome myself back to the internet! I’ve been (relatively) unplugged, at least from the blogging world, for a little while. You know, soul searching etc. Kidding! Kind of. I spend so much time thinking about how much I want to blog, but then don’t do it. I think I put a lot of pressure on myself to have like, a certain kind of voice or style of blogging that I think everyone…

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wedding thoughts: flower inspiration

Hellooooo friends! Tossing another wedding post your way because my life is being consumed by it so I might as well share it. FLOWERS! Yeah, shouting it. Flowers are, it turns out, a big part of wedding stuff. Much to my delight actually, because I love plants more than I like most people. I’m not really into big fluffy blooms with lots of bright colours though, and I’m happy to say I’ve found a florist that seems to get what…

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favourite place: hide & seek coffee


Guys, I found the most perfect place ever. I’d basically like to move in ASAP. I knew it was true love when I walked in and they were playing my all time faves The New Pornographers Challengers. Feel free to turn this on and continue reading: Myriad Harbour – TNP The place is floor to ceiling with beautiful whitewashed walls, light hardwood, plants everywhere and energetic but softly coloured prints. Does it get more perfect? It does not. We were…

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For a day that started like this: It actually ended up being pretty wonderful. After surviving a day of work with a bitter old man of a summer cold, I was rewarded with a pleasant & hilarious dinner with some of our favourite people (not pictured here because they’re too darn attractive for this blog and also because I didn’t take a picture). The weather matched my health and was grumpy and ridden with mood swings. Rain off, rain on,…

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road trip


These two cowpokes set out for the wilds (anywhere that’s not on our island, so scary ooo) last week to do a little visiting and with best intentions of getting some wedding stuff done (spoilers: we didn’t). We hopped on a ferry, determined to catch some sunshine while we had it, and set out. For some reason unknown to us, the drive felt like it took roughly 10,000 years but we eventually made it. We rolled up on the Okanagan…

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wedding thoughts, part two


You know what I realized the other day? I don’t actually have a photo of my wedding dress on my phone. I know it sounds kind of arbitrary, but it struck me as a little weird. Friends and co-workers have asked me for photos, and I had nothing to show them. I had to dig through some facebook messages to find a picture. Is that weird? Who’s to say. Someone asked me ‘shouldn’t you be more excited?’ and I felt…

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Sidney by the Sea


It’s been a busy few weeks (months) around ye ol’ homestead, so we decided we were just gonna make a day for us. A day date, if you will. Yeah, we’re those people now. Not sorry. We started the day off by planting some tomatoes in our pajamas. Officially my favourite early morning task and if my house wouldn’t turn into a tomato jungle, I’d do it every morning. After scrubbing dirt from hands and putting on our human disguises,…

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