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the storm that never was


So the storm of the decade was not the storm of the anything. It was like, a regular old wind storm. So a little less excitement than we all braced for, but it did make for some good waves watching. We kind of got the best of both worlds yesterday – it was rainy and windy enough to cozy up with a good cup of coffee in your favourite coffee shop, and when the sun poked out just a bit,…

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storm season


Well, our end of the island and the lower mainland are battening down the hatches as we speak. Word on the street is that we’re bracing for some of the worst storms this side of 1999! Three in a row, a triple threat if you will. I’m hoping by ‘triple threat’ they mean like Zac Efron in High School Musical, but I’ve been aggressively corrected because apparently it means that there’s going to be like… you know, damage and stuff.…

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Heart Life

happy thanksgiving!


I honestly think my favourite part of thanksgiving (aside from stuffing, let’s be real) is seeing everyone take the time to share what they’re thankful for. Sounds a little obvious, but it’s true – it’s not often that you get to peek inside the most precious parts of peoples lives and they tell you what matters most to them. I think, instinctively, we try to keep those parts close and quiet and safe because they mean so much to us.…

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Honeymoon: peak express


I’m so excited to share more pictures from our Whistler trip! There are a lot of photos, so make sure you’ve got a cup of something tasty and comfortable pants on. After our initial rainy day in Whistler, the sun decided to give us the loveliest weather – sunny but with a cool, crisp autumn breeze. The kind that makes you dress in your favourite sweater and smile all day long. PS: ALL MY PHOTOS HAVE TURNED SIDEWAYS IN OLD…

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Home Life

home inspiration: part three


I ran, I hid, I’ve survived until now, but I think the cold that’s been hunting me down has finally caught up to me. We all knew it would happen, but I pretended that it wouldn’t. So here I am, snuggled in the world’s best, greatest, coziest, local-iest inspired (not a word but exciting) blanket, plaid slippers on my feet, tea in my mug, and my favourite candle burning. That all sounds nice, but mostly all I can taste is…

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honeymoon: road trip + whistler


Well, it’s official guys: we are married! Like, for realsies 100% legally binding stylez. EXCITING. I’ve been dying to share some photos of our honeymoon and I’ll share photos of the wedding later. Big ups to Nita Lake Lodge for making this the best honeymoon ever. Hot tip: give yourself at least a day between your wedding and your honeymoon to collect yourself. You’re going to literally fall asleep during breakfast the next morning because you’ll be so tired (true…

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Heart Life Wedding

breath of fresh air


oh guys, does it feel good to have some space in my brain for some creative endeavours. THE WEDDING IS DONE! and it was the perfect day, all thanks to our absolutely incredible family + friends. it simply would not have happened without them – you guys are our world, and we love you so. i’m currently sitting in the world’s comfiest, cushiest leather chair by a fire place in whistler, enjoying our mini-honeymoon. blessed doesn’t even begin to cover…

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Heart Life



Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes guys things just get so overwhelming. Like, you just can’t keep it in any longer because things have just piled up endlessly and all it takes is one comment or one stupid thing to break you down and all of a sudden you’re calling your mom crying and drinking an entire bottle of chocolate milk to yourself because reasons. Sometimes you just feel like you’re trying so damn hard, and maybe you’ve got a lot on your…

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on this episode of lake hunters


PREVIOUSLY ON LAKE HUNTERS: (there was no previously, I just wanted to follow through with the concept. But next time there will be a previously. Obviously. Anyways.) We went to a lake. Yeah a lake on an island, which for some reason throws people off, but a real actual lake, of which there are many. It took a little searching and a little walking and a little following of a path alarmingly titled ‘shock treatment’, but we made it and…

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Life Wedding

wedding thoughts: SIGNS (and not the alien movie kind)


Guys, I was SO productive this morning that I’m giving myself a fairly undeserved pat on the back. I’m by no stretch of the imagination an ~artiste~ but I’m pretty proud that I can write somewhat legibly. I spent the morning working on some of our little signs for the wedding and this is the excitement I’ve been waiting for – crafty stuuuuuff! As all mornings should, it commenced with the darkest of coffees and homemade pancakes. Wouldn’t have been…

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